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June 12, 2014 -- YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! Alex is beginning work on yet another book -- his AUTOBIOGRAPHY! Is this cool or what? Keep checking back as to when it will be out!

Ernest Borgnine
January 24, 1917 -- July 8, 2012

It is indeed a very sad day. He was one of the true treasures in my life. A family member. I had the privilege of doing two films and the series, Airwolf, with him. We shared an Italian heritage and a love for good food. I cooked for him at my house and dined with him at his. My time with him is filled with cherished memories. He was a great actor and one of the finest human beings I've ever known. His quick raucous laugh and genuinely loving soul enriched the life of anyone who knew him. His modesty about himself was honest and endearing. He had as spectacular a career as ever there was in Hollywood. He is loved by all. If you were lucky enough to have known him, you were blessed. If you don't love Ernie, you're probably not capable of that emotion. He will be most sorely missed. My heart goes out to Tova and his family. I am so grateful for being able to say he was my dear friend.

-- Alex

Alex's third novel, Days of the Harbinger is now available on Amazon. Simply type his name in and the new book should come up.

Please Help Stop the Slaughter

This is a message from Alex that I am posting, as brought to his attention by his wife, Susannah, and I will warn you, the video is not a pretty thing to look at. This stuff is actually happening and it should be outlawed. I'm no supporter of PETA by any means but the petition is definitely one I'll sign.

Dear Friends,

This is a horror! It must be addressed. Please take time to help. There are no monetary costs involved. Be aware, the short video is upsetting to watch, however, one really should suffer through it to fully appreciate this urgent need. We must stop this senseless slaughter. I thank you for your kind attention.


Alex Cord

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Here is Mark Cairns and Clark Van Hoten's site -- a must for the Airwolf fan!

I have finally moved The Wolf's Lair fan fiction site to Alex's website. Chapter 1 of Book 4, "Resolutions: Full Circle" is up and ready to entertain you. This is the LAST book of the Jackie/Michael series. New characters are being introduced and some of the characters from Book 3 are coming back. Hope you enjoy!

See Alex's videotaped interview on the radio show Daybreak USA! Type Alex Cord in the search space.

Alex's favorite charities remain Ahead With Horses and Research for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome.

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