Photo used with permission of Haakon Kjole

The Chapman Report 1962 Bardelli
Synanon 1965 Zankie Albo
Stagecoach 1966 Ringo Kid
The Scorpio Letters (TV) 1967 Joe Christopher
A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die 1967 Clay McCord
The Brotherhood 1968 Vince Ginetti
Stiletto 1969 Cesare Cardinale
The Last Grenade 1970 Kip Thompson
Tell-Tale Heart 1971 The Murderer
The Dead Are Alive 1972 Jason Porter
Genesis II 1973 Dylan Hunt
Inn Of The Damned 1974 Cal Kincaid
Chosen Survivors 1974 Steven Mayes
Fire! 1977 Alex Wilson
Grayeagle 1978 Grayeagle
Sidewinder One 1978 Packard Gentry
Hunter's Moon 1978
Beggarman, Thief 1979 Evans Kinsella
Goliath Awaits 1981 Dr. Sam Marlowe
The Best of Friends (TV) 1987 Bill
Jungle Warriors 1984 Nick Spilotto
Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission (TV) 1988 Dravko Demchuk
Uninvited 1988 Walter Graham
Street Asylum 1990 Captain Bill Quinton
A Girl To Kill For 1991 Mike/Wino
Roots of Evil 1992 Jake Osbourne
The Naked Truth 1992 Herskovitz
CIA Code Name: Alexa 1993 Victor Mahler
To Be The Best 1993 Jack Rogers
Hologram Man 1995 Governor Hampton
Air Rage (Video) 2001 General Prescott
Dobe and a company of Heroes 2002 Himself (Narrator)

W.E.B. Mid-70s Jack Kiley
Cassie and Company 1982 Mike Holland
Airwolf 1984-1986 Michael Coldsmith-Briggs III aka Archangel
Dragnet Late 80s Voiceovers

Branded Survival (January 24, 1965) Jed Colbee
Gunsmoke The Sodbusters (November 20, 1972) Pete Brown
Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theater The Lady Is My Wife (February 1, 1967) Lucky Paxton
The Virginian A Welcoming Town (March 22, 1967) Bill Lee
The F.B.I. Night Of The Long Knives (March 25, 1973)
Born Free The Trespassers (November 4, 1974)
Night Gallery Keep In Touch--We'll Think of Something (November 24, 1971) Erik Sutton
Six Million Dollar Man Task Force (December 19, 1976)
Fantasy Island Eternal Flame/A Date With Burt (March 5, 1983)
Fantasy Island Mr. Nobody/La Liberatora (November 7, 1981) Arguello
Fantasy Island Delphine/The Unkillable (April 11, 1981) Kyle
Fantasy Island With Affection, Jack The Ripper/Gigolo (November 29, 1980) Robert West
Love Boat The Brotherhood Of The Sea/Letter to Babycakes/Daddy's Pride (November 17, 1979) Mr. Barrett
Love Boat The Frugal Pair/Doc's Dismissal/The Girl Next Door (January 3, 1981) Hank Walker
Police Story Line of Fire (December 18, 1973) Scully
Police Story To Steal A Million (February 4, 1975) Cowboy
Police Story Officer Dooly (March 5, 1976) Officer Jackson Holt
Police Woman Tennis Bum (November 30, 1976) Bass
Matt Helm Murder On Ice (October 25, 1975) Gallagher
The Quest The Buffalo Hunters (September 29, 1976)
Hotel Flesh And Blood (October 10, 1984) Preston Dwyer
Monsters Rouse Him Not (December 31, 1988)
Mission: Impossible Crack Up (December 9, 1972) Peter Cordel
The New Mission: Impossible For Art's Sake (December 14, 1989) Travers
Simon & Simon The Richer They Are The Harder They Fall (December 10, 1988) Roland Vicente/Harry Lubash
The Law And Harry McGraw The Fallen Arrow (October 20, 1987)
Murder, She Wrote Death Stalks The Big Top Parts I&II (September 28, 1986 & October 5, 1986) Preston Bartholomew
War Of The Worlds Good Samaritan (December 26, 1988) Marcus Madison Mason
Jake And The Fat Man
It Ain't Necessarily So (April 26, 1989) Wallace Cogan
Freddy's Nightmares Memory Overload (November 5, 1989) The General
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues The Sacred Chalice of I-Ching (July 3, 1995) Gary Bennett
Walker, Texas Ranger The Guardians (October 7, 1995) Larry Curtis
High Tide University Blues Parts I&II (October 27, 1996 and November 4, 1996) Sgt. John Seavers
Images of Indians: How Hollywood Stereotyped the Native Americans (2003) (uncredited archive footage from Grayeagle from 1978)

Know of any Alex's credits or character names that I'm missing? Feel free to e-mail me and let me know!


Linda Ryner
April 13, 2004